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Systems and Processes

developed for AC Moore, Ford, Primrose, Kraco, HeroX, Lowes

Information Architecture and Business Process are an integral and connected in User Experience. They form and structure content to help users find the services they need. IA has always formed an early part of my process.

I have uncovered the patterns that shape how people think about home decoration, helping major retailers plan how they highlight products as well as  working with Ford to define the logic that organizes search inventory pages across dealerships.

My work even helped define how an innovation platform that relies on the crowd would work so that social problems defined by users could be sourced into marketable solutions for investors.

  • Client - AC Moore, Ford, Primrose, Kraco, HeroX, Lowes
  • Date Completed - Various
  • Skills/Tools Used - Information Architecture, Business Process Modeling, Flow Diagrams, UML, Use Cases, Content Analysis, Content Strategy, Diagramming, User Research, Card Sorting,