Primrose User Experience Map
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EES Organizational Model
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Eco System Account Management
VIZIO Account Management

Eco-System Design and Strategy

developed for LHW, Viking Cruises, Ford, Computer Associates, Primrose Schools

Services are products that allow users to interact across a system. My work encourages a systems led approach, treating each interface as a part of a wider context of interactions.

I have helped define content journeys for prospective parents, defined travel systems from first interaction to hotel arrival and ensured that people’s choices are remembered by a system as they build and define the vehicle they want to buy.

Digital extends beyond the device and I have put a service orientated philosophy at the forefront of my method; ensuring that people’s experiences are coherent as well as delightful. This has included creative solutions like driving concepts that bring personalized digital experiences in-store as well as determining the logic and conditions of user profiles so that the user is known, knowable and findable within a system.

  • Client - LHW, Viking Cruises, Ford, Computer Associates, Primrose Schools
  • Date Completed - Various
  • Skills/Tools Used - User Interviews, Stakeholder Interviews, Ethnographic Research, Focus Groups, Quant and Qual Analysis, Secondary Research, Diagramming, Personas, Goal Analysis, Contextual Analysis, Mental Modeling,