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developed for Francesca's, Ford, Honda ACURA, Kraco, Nestle, Kraco, AC Moore

Online shopping has meant that brands not only have to compete on the same high-street, it means that unique brands have to be able to express themselves through an interface.

This isn’t just true of desktops, brands have to express themselves digitally across devices and digitally in stores. I have worked on projects that have crossed device boundaries, even helping one company develop concepts to help customers use their wishlist in a store setting.

Search, finding and discovery as well as managing the purchase process are standards. From Fashion to Automotive as well as Travel I have helped companies make sure that their products and the needs of their users are tangible in a digital space.

  • Client - Francesca's, Ford, Honda ACURA, Kraco, Nestle, Kraco, AC Moore
  • Date Completed - Various
  • Skills/Tools Used - Business Analysis, Brand Analysis, User Research and Modeling, Cross Platform Design, Wireframing, Concepting, Field Research, Secondary Research, Information Architecture