Experience Architecture

I design projects that lie at the intersection between culture, innovation and services.

I've worked with clients from The Guardian Media Group and Microsoft Games Studios to the British Heart Foundation and across devices from Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and TV. I take a story-driven and user-centered approach, exposing new concepts to help users lead better lives in the real world.

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What I Do

From research to design I create experiences that bring businesses and people together in digital and physical space.

You can find out more about my design philosophy and innovation process here.

Wanna Know More About Me
  • The summary ... a pleasure to work with. He brings a passion to his work ... Alexander is deeply interested ... This translates into a willingness to experiment with new methods infused in to current standardized practices.

    Charles Erdman
  • He is able to research topics deeply, gain valuable insights ... His skills in cognitive and behavioral psychology are unmatched in the whole of my professional experience...

    Jason Cook
  • He is diligent, enthusiastic, resourceful... he brings a vast knowledge to the team. He is a strong advocate for users ... to insure end users always have the best experience.

    Jui Dai
  • Alex is enthusiastic, thoughtful and thorough in his approach to creative problem solving.

    Milana Sobol
  • Alex was a highly knowledgeable and proactive member of the team. He actively challenged ... maintained a positive attitude ... I would gladly have Alex as a team member.

    Eric Perez
  • Alex is an enthusiastic and passionate designer. He is meticulous regarding details and works tirelessly to get designs right. I learned a lot from him.

    Sarah Dzida
  • Alex is an impressive UX Architect with a remarkable and one-of-a-kind design and analysis process. Alex was responsible for some of the most challenging modules we had to design ... He's a great person to work with... will always go the extra mile.

    Daniel Chivardi

My Work

I've worked designed across devices for systems that integrate experiences for people.

From Concept through to Design all my work helps users interact with systems across touch-points, ensuring they have coherent experiences in both physical and digital space.